Arkadiusz Kubisiak is an independent documentary and portrait photographer. He studied photography at the European Academy of Photography in Warsaw. He participated in numerous workshops, like Transmission pour l’Image in Perpignan, France.
 His work won several awards, for instance, PX3, Prix De La Photographie Paris, Grand Press Photo, National Geographic Poland Photography Competition, SIPA Competition, Tokyo International Foto Award, BZ WBK Press Foto, Honorable Mention at International Photography Award. The work was shown, among others in The Art of Photography Show in The USA, NEY Gallery in Warsaw, Masovian Center of Contemporary Art, Poland, Warsaw Festival for Photographic Arts, Poland.
 Arkadiusz published his work in The Eye of Photography Magazine, Paris, France, Black & White Magazine, USA, Silvershotz Magazine in Australia, National Geographic Poland, Digital Camera Poland, Edge of Humanity in The USA in Duży Format,, Live & Travel, Plus-Minus, Rzeczpospolita, Poland and in books: Punished Town, Passing Shadows, and group work Poland and its People, published by Press.
 Arkadiusz works mostly on long term projects dealing with social issues.​​​​​​​

The Fine Art Photography Awards, Nominee Award, London, The UK,
Black & White Magazine, Portfolio Contest Winner, The USA,
PX3, Prix De La Photographie Paris, Gold Winner, Paris, France,

              PX3, Prix De La Photographie Paris, Honorable Mention Award, Paris,
              Listed on MEET 2020 First Edition,,

Tokyo International Foto Award, Gold Winner, in category People, Tokyo, Japan,
Black & White Magazine, Portfolio Contest Winner, The USA,
IPA 2019, Honorable Mention in Category Editorial / Press, Photo Essay, The USA,

Tokyo International Foto Award, Honorable Mention in category People, Culture, Tokyo, Japan,
Grand Press Photo, Finalist, Warsaw, Poland,
SIPA Award 2018, Finalist, Italy,

SIPA Award 2016, Remarkable Award in category Storyboard, Italy,
National Geographic Photo Contest, 1st place in category Reportage, Poland,
Grand Press Photo 2016, 2nd place in category Long Term Project, Documentary, Poland,
SIPA Awards 2016, finalist, Italy,

2nd place in BZ WBK Press Photo in category Culture, Reportage, Poland,
2nd place in BZ WBK Press Photo in category Daily Life, Reportage, Poland,

Grand Prix in National Geographic Photography Photography Contest, Poland,
1st place in category Reportage in the National Geographic Photography Contest, Poland,
Honorable Mention at IPA Contest in category Deeper Perspective, The USA, 
Honorable Mention at IPA Contest in category People, Portrait, The USA,

Final selection round for the Noorderlicht Photography Festival, Netherlands,
Honorable Mention in the International Photography Awards in the category fine art, landscape, The USA,
Very Bright Summit in Jasna Góra Monastery, Częstochowa, Poland,
Very Bright Summit in Galeria Dwa Plany, Rzeszów, Poland,
Punished Town in Old Gallery, Association of Polish Art Photographers, Warsaw, Poland,
Punished Town in Centre of Contemporary Art “Elektrownia”, Radom, Poland,
Passing Shadows in NEY Gallery, Warsaw, Poland,
Passing Shadows, Airport, on BZ WBK Press Foto Roadshow Exhibition, Poland,
Teofil at The Art of Photography Show, San Diego, The USA,
Passing Shadows, National Geographic Contest Roadshow Exhibition, Poland,
Portraits in EAF Gallery at Warsaw Festival for the Photographic Arts, group show, Warsaw, Poland,
Strike, L'Oeil De La Photographie, Paris, France,
It's a Bird and It's Not photo featured in Lens Culture Exposure Award Gallery, The USA,
Very Bright Summit, Black & White Magazine, The USA,
It's Bird and It's Not, The Eye of Photography Magazine, Paris, France,
Very Bright Summit, The Eye of Photography Magazine, Paris, France,
Punished Town in Live & Travel Magazine, January Issue, Poland,
Very Bright Summit in Silvershotz, The Contemporary Photography Magazine, August Issue, Australia,
Very Bright Summit in Magazine, Poland,
Punished Town, book review in Digital Camera Polska, Poland,
Punished Town in Duży Format, Magazyn Reporterów, Warsaw, Poland,
The book, Punished Town, photographs: Arkadiusz Kubisiak, essays: Grzegorz Kapla, Poland,
Passing Shadows in book Poland and its People, published by Press, Poland,
Teofil in Edge of Humanity Magazine, July Issue, The USA,
Airport in Rzeczpospolita Daily, Special Issue, Poland,
Teofil and other Fables in Landscape Stories, The Color of Memory, Italy, 
Workshop with Ernesto Bazan and Tomasz Tomaszewski, Warsaw, Poland,
Transmission pour I'Image workshop, Perpignan, France,​​​​​​​
The European Academy of Photography, Warsaw, Poland,
The Academy of Photography, Warsaw, Poland,       

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